Friday, March 27, 2009

An Epic Story

After sitting here contemplating what to write, something that would interest my many readers, I have decided that it is probably best to just tell you all what life is like here in our little trailer. Sit back and enjoy this short tale of inspiring antics and thrilling daydreams.

Our story begins with a young couple who is just finishing their early morning routines. The charming wife and her handsome husband are taking the last few bites of their breakfast, consisting of cold cereal and coffee before they hurry off to their regular everyday business.
Our wife carefully makes her way to her dark blue chariot so she can go to work. She has to weave between large piles of debris for a short while in their side yard. Why? Well, part of the back porch has just been torn away and there is still some work to be done to clean up the mess. She gets into her small car and down the small dirt road she travels as she makes her way to the country. This is where she does secretarial work for the Shepherd. She makes phone calls to the flock to see how they are doing, and also straightens up parts of the pasture to make sure it is clean for the sheep. She works only part time, but it keeps her busy.
As we leave our charming wife in the quiet country, we return to the handsome husband who has gone to the big city. He must battle the heavy traffic and the hectic travelers as he fights his way to his first stop of the day. He must begin his day with education and learning. This is an enjoyable part of his day. As he learns more about the youth of this world he is also learning how to better handle their various situations. Of course, this educational morning will only last for a few more weeks since he will soon be graduating with his certificate.
Twelve noon is when our husband's laborious day must really begin. If you have been reading the prequels to this epic tale you know that he has been out of work for a time, but has recently returned. Now, he is back at it and is working wildly day after day in the "land by the sea". People there are fighting their way around this "land by the sea" to get to their various destinations, mostly souvenir shops and trinket vendors. This husband of ours does not work for these vendors, instead he helps to feed the angry mob. He does a great job of serving and settling them before they embark again on their journey to buy as much as they can before the booths close for the day.
As our charming wife and her handsome husband end their very different days they both begin to make their way back to the quiet trailer where things can take on a more peaceful atmosphere.
The wife gets home first and begins the preperation of a warm meal that will comfort her husband after a hard day. She makes his favorite meal, Blackened grilled chicken with all sorts of yummy spices and Creamy fettucine with Cherry cake for dessert. Yum!
The meal is prepared, she must now sit patiently and wait for the return of her Prince Charming. She doesn't have to wait too long before he comes through the door and they meet again after a long, hard day.
Both are grateful to be home and are ready to end this glorious day so tomorrow they can wake up and take on this same adventure.

I hope that you all enjoyed this short story. It describes the day to day activities of a young couple will have been married for a year in a couple of months.
Have any of you guessed who this young couple might be? I am sure that you have. However, I will post a picture just in case the answer eludes you.