Monday, April 26, 2010

inside the gates

we finally went to Silver Dollar City again and this time we made it inside the gates. this time we got to go with r, a, n, c, and m.
one of the first things we did once we got into the city was to see the entertainers from trinidad and tabago. they explained that one of the festivals they have is the limbo. towards the end of their dance they had a bunch of people go on stage and do the limbo. they, of course, got eric up there, and believe me it didn't take much convincing. he is such a ham. he absolutely loves the attention and he was doing a great job of making people laugh. he got up there danced a little jig and when it came his turn to do the limbo he kept telling them to go lower and lower. by the time he went it was so close to the ground there was no way he could have made it through. they were kind enough to raise it back up once he actually went.

we then made our way to the main street where there was a small performance with guns and shooting. by the time we got there the fighting part was over, but n and c still really enjoyed watching.

after the main street performance the boys found a fun water park with water guns and squirters. it wasn't exactly a hot day, so the boys were a little cold and wet after their escapade.

in the city there is a section that has rides just for kids. this was perfect for n and c. i must admit that it was fun for the rest of us as well.

n and eric rode together. c and r rode together and a rode by herself. i stayed with m and took pictures of everyone.

they had a blast. and it was so fun to be able to watch their faces when they were up in the air. by the end, however, c's head was laying over on r's lap. i think he might have not had that much fun. he's not the biggest fan of being up high. if you look close i got all of them in the picture at the same that was quite a feat.

another ride they had were the giant elephants.

n and eric were in the elephant right in front of c and a. here is c waving at n while he was up in the air. c preferred to stay closer to the ground.

by the time we left the city we all had a great time, but were a little tired after a long day of walking around. can't wait to do it again sometime.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


eric and i were finally going on a date. it had been a while and we were so looking forward to having a fun afternoon/evening together. Silver Dollar City was having an area appreciation for those who work at certain places here in town.
we decided to take every advantage of this and go to SDC on Thursday night and Sunday afternoon. So off we went, Thursday afternoon after we were both off work. we got to the city about 6:15...perfect time, it looked like the city was going to be just perfect, not too many people and not too hot since it was almost evening.
eric and i started to notice that something wasn't quite right when we got to the ticket booths and noone was in them for us to purchase a ticket. Our second clue that something was wrong was when there was absolutely no one going into the city. Our third and final clue was at the front entrance there were no workers checking tickets.
we finally found someone who worked there and asked them what was going on. She said they closed at 6PM. WHAT!
of course, we just missed it. we couldn't believe it. oh well, at least we could go on Sunday afternoon, which we did and we had an incredible time! Needless to say the only picture i got this date night was of the sign.
i will post some pics of the fun time we had on sunday.