Saturday, May 15, 2010

me, ma, and our day at the spa

i don't remember if i mentioned it or not, but through january and february i helped at our local rec center with the youth cheerleading. we had about 30 girls total in both groups. i really enjoyed it and would love to do something like that again sometime.
anyway, the wonderful head coach gave me a gift certificate at the end of the season for helping her out. it was a gift card to the Chateau Spa. i hadn't used it yet, and wasn't too sure when i was acutally going to use it. the only thing i did know was that i was so excited to go and also that i didn't want to go by myself. after all, it isn't any fun to do that kind of thing by yourself.
so i made up my mind, what a wonderful mother's day gift. so on the saturday of mothers day weekend mom and i went to the Chateau and began our spa day.
(just for the record, alot of places won't give women massages who are in their first trimester. thankfully i was almost 12 weeks and one of the massage therapists agreed to give me a massage)
one of the great things about Chateau is that if you make an appointment with them they also allow you to use all the rest of their facilities which includes a steam room, sauna, and whirlpool. the only thing i could use was really the whirlpool, but couldn't stay in there very long either. i am not complaining mind you, mom and i had the most relaxing time.
after our thirty minute massages we got some snacks from the lounge then headed to the outdoor whirlpool for about 2 hours outside soaking up some sun.
it was so wonderful. we both agreed that we should do it every week.
anyone want to join us next time?

another flower post

yes, another post about my wonderful husband and more flowers. he is constantly surprising me with flowers and other small gifts.
this one, however is a little different than all the rest.

he brought this one to me about 6 months ago. on the small card that goes in the read something like this... 'i love you babe, just wanted to give you a little something...this is a fertility bouquet.'

yep, isn't he cute! well it must have worked since we are now pregnant.

i am usually a saver when it comes to flowers and things. i hang them upside down and keep the dried flowers. i must admit though, i usually end up getting rid of them eventually just because i only have so much space for things like that. i must also admit, that this one will not be going in the trash anytime soon. in fact, it is hanging upside down in our living room right now and everytime i look at it i think of my husband and how he thought to give me a fertility bouquet.