Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Call Him GusGus For Short

GROSS...that's all that really needs to be said about this post...

Okay...gross AND... I am really glad that we caught him!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Eric and I have been doing a bit of remodeling as of late. Doesn't it seem that things just start piling up all around you and all the sudden you wonder..."where did all this junk come from?"
Well, that's what Eric and I were thinking the other day. We couldn't take all the clutter anymore, plus we had to make room for our new piano in the house. So we began the task of decluttering and remodeling. I must say, we actually have more room now than we ever have. Because instead of just one living room we have turned our utility room/office/pantry/library into another sitting area that is actually very pleasant to sit in and enjoy. Thanks to some friends we have a new-to-us computer, alot smaller than our other huge one. We also bought a new desk instead of the huge table that was once in the room.
Of course the room does still double (or triple) as an office/pantry/sitting room, let's just say it is alot nicer now. It is so fun to go home from work and look at our lovely extra room now!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


One of the most exciting things happened to me this weekend!

(okay so when I say I, I really mean we, but I would like to claim it all for myself. I like being able to say that I have my own piano. )
Last week my dad and a few men from church went down to GA, where Eric's family lives, to play in a golf tournament.
It was the perfect oppurtunity for Eric's parents to give us this huge surprise that they got for us.
Eric knew that we were going to get it, but I had no idea. (are you shocked that I didn't know, I must admit that I am surprised that I was surprised. Not that Eric is bad at keeping secrets, I just tend to find out things that I'm not supposed to) dad and this group of guys from the church were going to take the church van down to GA, so they figured they could just load the piano in the back of the van and cart it to its new home in our little trailor.
I must say it does fit beautifully!!
Thanks so much Dad and Mom, we/I love it!!!

It is actually an electric piano, but it plays just like a piano and sounds just like one. But it's better than a piano. because it doesn't weigh nearly as much.
Sorry...I will try to keep the rest of this post G rated...I just had to show you the aspiring piano player/singer.

Friday, September 18, 2009

We don't have a fireplace, so Eric made a makeshift one for us.
Doesn't it look nice and cozy. It sure kept us warm.

Too bad we didn't have hot dogs and marshmallows.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Piano Pupil

I started my very first day of teaching piano.
It was really fun. N and I had a great time. He is really excited about learning and I am so excited to be able to teach him.
Eric and I are really excited about this new option for us maybe later on down the road. I can teach piano from our house someday...ya never know. I might also be teaching two other boys from our church starting in February.
God always does things that surprise us. I am so thankful for this new oppurtunity that HE has presented to us!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girl's Getaway


Let me preface this story.

Several years ago, when I went to school in KC at Calvary I had two wonderful friends and for the sake of curiosity lets call them V and A.

When we were in school the three of us were always together, like the Three Musketeers. We did everything together. Well, so many times wherever you go you meet people and become good friends, but once school or work or whatever, once it is over, you never see the person again.

The three of us made a pact that we would not lose contact with one another. At the time we were very serious about this pact. And even though now, having a pact like that sounds sort of silly, we are taking it seriously.

This last weekend, Labor Day, we planned our first ever " " scouts girl's getaway.

Sadly A wasn't able to make it to our reunion and she was terribly missed, but V and I had a fantastic time.

What would girls have a fun time doing? you might be asking yourself.

No... not finding cute boys

Take a and talking, what else.

Having never really been to our destination before...Eureka Springs, AR we were both excited, but not really sure what to expect.
It was such a cute little town. It looked sort of like a smaller version of New Orleans. Some of the buildings were set up to make you feel like you were on Bourbon Street. One exception, this is a super huge biker town... did you know that. We sure didn't until we got there...

One of our favorite stores was Bath Junkie. We went to bath Junkie three days in a row. They have some great products and it is all made right then and there. So no perservatives and gross stuff to put on your skin. Also, you can pick whatever smells you want and whatever product. AWESOME...(just a quick sales pitch=)

We also walked around the antique stores (neither Valerie nor I have done much antique shopping)

It's kind of weird, but a lot of the shops had some really cool glasses. We could be models, right?!, especially since the price tags are still on there.

There was also a really fun vintage resale shop where we found these mermaid looking, sequin styling, black stretchy pants.

Most every evening, except one we wanted to be ladies of leisure so that means, of course, ordering in every night. We got delivery to our room. That was awesome. We didn't even have to leave the hotel.

Is that the height of laziness or what.

As you can see we had a great time and by looking at this picture you can tell the vacation did me good!

Hicks From The Sticks

Eric and I took a trip to Oklahoma to visit J and T a few weekends ago. Here are the promised pictures.

We hiked up the Wichita Mountains. While we were there we saw...

Lots of prairie dogs and lots of buffalo.

Before we started our hike, of course, group photo!

We found cave. And, what does one do when they find a cave...

carve their initials in the rock!

And of course the boys had to jump over the canyon.

Don't worry...they were safe...well, as safe as one could be jumping over a huge cavern =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weed Picker

The trailor that Eric and I have been living in is right next to a place of business.

The people who own it are very nice and we get along well with them. As I have mentioned before Eric has a way of picking up side businesses here and there. One of those is, of course, Amazon/EBay selling, the other is mowing the businesses lawn for them.

Since he mows it for them, they have a weed eater that they allow him to use. the setting is all set... now to the funny part.

Last week, Eric was going to mow the lawn.
To do this he has to time it just right. He has to choose a time when he can get into the shed of this business (so, business hours). Well, he did time it right. They let him in and he got what he needed. The weed eater was ready to go.

Eric started weed whacking.
While he was doing this the business closed as did the storage place for the weed eater, string and gasoline.

Poor Eric, He was almost done with his task when he ran out of string for the weed eater.

Not being someone who likes to leave a job unfinished...

He finished the job.

And I just happened to get a video of him doing this task.