Friday, July 30, 2010

22 weeks and counting

Wow... i never realized before just how hard it is to take a picture of yourself. after literally 3 days of trying to get a good picture of my growing belly, i decided to just post one. good, bad, or blurry. i know it is a little fuzzy, but 1- since i was taking it in a mirror i couldn't use the flash, 2- the hallway where the mirror is is kind of dark, and 3- any picture you take of yourself is awkward anyway. so there you have it.
22 weeks in the picture.
*as of yesterday i have gained 7 lbs since my starting weight!!!! i never thought i would be excited about gaining weight. i can't even button my pants anymore (that is a little sad)
*we already had one ultrasound- It's a GIRL!! But we are having another one in 3 weeks. No complications, it's just that the first one wasn't the official one where they take all the measurements and stuff. We just wanted to find out the gender!!
*the baby has been kicking like is the craziest thing to watch your belly jump all around.
*yesterday i started experiencing something i never have least i think it was heartburn. does that mean this little girl will have lots of hair?!
oh, and hi jenni. that is who is was talking to on the phone when i took this picture. is that multitasking or what. of course, i should have probably been folding that pile of clothes in the basket right beside me instead, which i hid beautifully in the picture, if i do say so myself, but there's always tomorrow, right?!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Colorado Preview

After a wonderful trip to the beautiful state of Colorado it is going to take a while to go through all 400 pictures!!!
So here are just a few preview shots of our family vacation!

Monday, July 12, 2010

i need a little organization in my life

thanks to an idea i got from my sister in law several years ago i finally decided to organize my growing pile of jewelry.
i have so many necklaces, earrings and bracelets that i never wear and it drives me nuts.
because of that i don't like to buy new jewelry since i don't wear the jewelry that i already have. not only do i not wear it, but i hardly even know what jewelry i have.

a couple of years ago, when i was at my brother and sister in laws house i saw her unique way of hanging her jewelry so she could see it all at one time and not have it getting all tangled in a pile.
today i had had enough! i first started by cleaning the messy shelf in my bathroom, where everything kind of just gets thrown. i then took on the task of organizing my jewelry.

i first had to get out eric's electric drill and put in a couple of screws in our bathroom wall. i next took a piece of twine, doubled up, and tied each end to one of the screws. the next step was to wade through all my jewelry, untangle a few pieces and hang the earrings on the top piece of twine and the necklaces on the bottom piece. I was so excited to finally be able to see all of my jewelry at the same time...time to accessorize!

Now for the next out my closet...better go get busy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

month 5

ME at 5 months! I told you I was showing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

is this guy for real

i love the fourth of july. it is right up there with christmas, and the main reason is, is because i love fireworks.
this year eric and i went with a few friends to view an amazing display of fireworks at big cedar. there were tons of people there so we had to walk quite a distance. on our way we passed this you can tell my hubby has been working out.

he didn't even break a sweat when he lifted one tire off the ground. that's my man!

sorry the picture quality isn't that great, but all we had was a cell phone to take the picture with. shockingly enough, i didn't have my camera with me...not that i forgot it mind you, i just didn't have the battery charged. so this is the only photo i got from our fourth together.