Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn and Bonfires...

Since we have been married, Eric has started taking classes at K- Institute and I have gotten a job at the license bureau in town. We are both enjoying our new activities, but we try to leave time for the fun stuff.

Last weekend we went to Ava to a camp out there for a hayride and bonfire. We went with a group from church. It was a blast. All the guys went into the woods before the hayride and hid so when the tractor came through with all the little kids they could try to scare them. Some of the kids were little so they couldn't do major scaring.

It was really fun and the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves.

It was a perfect night, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and you could see every star, it seemed. It was definitley the initiation of fall. The only thing that was missing was the hot chocolate.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sisters are a gift from God!

I thank Him everyday for that spectacular gift.
They have blessed my life tremndously.

I know that they are always there for me, to encourage and edify. I know that God has put them blessedly into my life.


We will Dance

Football Games, Jumping in leaves, Bike riding. These are all things that are associated with fall. Karaoke however, has no season.

Yesterday, Eric and I went to a high school football game with a group of friends from K-Institute. After the football game, (which by the way, our team won! Wohoo!) we went to Steak n' Shake.
What do you do in Branson at 11:00 at night? Karaoke, What else.
We all headed out and went to this steakhouse. There were probably 20 of us. It was a pretty small place. We definitely stood out as a group but it was fun for a random night of songs.
A bunch of the group put their names in to sing. the rest of us either cheered them on or went out on the dance floor.
Songs were sung ranging from

"A Boy Named Sue"
"Sweet Caroline"
"Livin' on a prayer"
"Any Man of Mine"

A great time was had by all... Care to join us next time anyone?