Monday, February 28, 2011

happy birthday to nana

gemma wanted to wish nana....her GREAT grandma a very happy birthday!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

head banger

g was sporting another new headband the other day. i am now in love with these headbands with the homemade felt flowers on them. being a blog jumper i found this on a blog the other day...... and instantly fell in love with them.

total......jenni and i made about 12 headbands a piece. the price for everything was probably about $8. not bad for so many headbands.
needless to say, gemma will never be in need of a headband to match an outfit.

this expression is crackin me up....................................................' what you talkin bout willis?!'

and i might be mistaken......but doesn't little g look a lot like her cousin brynna?
that's what i thought when i saw these pictures anyway.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

gems from gemma

mama and i just got home from our trip to visit my very newest cousin sydney jade and my aunt jenni. mommy told me that sydney was just as little as i was when i was born....i don't know if i believe her though.......she feeds me so well i can't remember really being that light.

sydney and i took a nap together, we wanted to have some bathtime too, but mama and aunt jenni got too distracted talking and making us new headbands to give us baths. o well, maybe next time.

we did get to go to sydney's doctor appointment with her and then we all went shopping together. i can't wait till sydney and i can run around and play together.

the night before we left we all watched murder, she wrote. mommy gave me the best seat in the house. i am trying to learn how to sit up....mama says since i haven't rolled over yet, i better get with it and sit up instead. i am working hard though. i have almost rolled from my back to my stomach several times. mom is trying to get it on video, but i am going to trick her one of these days and get her without her video camera. =)
i did sit up by myself for a little while. mommy took a picture with her phone and sent it to daddy since he was back in branson.

i had so much fun....but all that chattering with my cousin wore me out.

Monday, February 21, 2011

another first

gemma jaye's

first trip

in her stroller


the carseat.

we were there too...

but it's really

all about this cutie

she had a great time.

but all good things must come to an end.

Friday, February 18, 2011

can't wait

gemma jaye and i are so excited to go and visit this little darlin' jade.
she was the size of gemma when she was born and it is so hard to believe that g was really that little.
gemma and i are going up to kc to visit her and her mommy, jenni, next week!
we are going to have some awesome girl time together!

gemma can't wait to play with her cousin sydney!!

(and take a few hundred pictures together, i am sure)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


gemma jaye is becoming quite the conversationalist!! and we love it....i think that she has just discovered her voice

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

basketball boys

here are some quick videos of the boys playing basketball.

watch the difference in their attention spans....hilarious!

Monday, February 14, 2011

winter daze

it looks like the harsh part of winter may finally be over........well at least for now.
we did take advantage of the snow last time and went out to play in it for a while. it was the perfect day for it. the snow was perfect for packing and the sun was out, so it wasn't too cold.
i didn't realize that snow was so heavy....we were trying to roll up the three seperate pieces of
the snowman and were struggling. it was pretty funny to watch though.

then, instead of the usual pieces that snowmen are made out of, like carrots and coal, we used different pieces that we found either in the yard or in the burn pile.

hence the funny looking coil that we used for his nose.
after the snowman was officially finished, we played fox and goose, snow baseball and had a good ole' snowball fight. as we were just finishing up all of our snow games we went to check on the snowman and discovered that our creation had already fallen least we got pictures.

you might be wondering what our sweet snow bunny was doing during our adventures in the snow.......

well, she was bundled up snuggly inside taking a nap.

Monday, February 7, 2011

take 1 or take 2

eric has the knack for making gemma smile....maybe it is his endearing matter..........

here are a couple of videos that eric took the other day while i was at the grocery store.

let me know which one you think is the best...

"take 1"


"take 2"

Friday, February 4, 2011


here is a preview of our lil valentine...she got the most ADORABLE outfit from her gramm and i just had to try it on her the other day...
i am trying to make myself wait until valentines day to post all of her pictures with the outfit on. what a cuddly valentine she is!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

erics art work

all you need is a little bit of mustard, some leftover tortilla pieces, and some shredded cheese...
then you can make a lovely masterpiece like the one eric made with our leftover midnight snack!

blizzard of 2011

everyone was frantically shopping yesterday as i made my usual monday afternoon grocery shopping trip. i even saw a picture of all the bread on the shelves....gone!! of course with all the predictions, we thought we could get up to 14" of snow...yipes!

so far maybe 4-5 inches. i know that we are supposed to get some more tonight and into tomorrow a little bit, but i am convinced that branson has a bubble surrounding it and we don't usually get all the snow that everyone else around us gets.

it was nice though, eric and i got a snow day we decided to be productive. i gave him a much needed haircut.

i'll be honest, i like his hair a little longer, but he likes me to chop it as short as posible so i won't have to give him another haircut so soon. oh well, that's the way it goes, i guess.

after the haircut, we watched singing in the rain. i know i said that we decided to be productive, but you have to do a little something fun on a day when you don't HAVE to do anything.

i finally convinced myself to go out and take a few pictures of the blizzard. you know i even heard that this storm is supposedly going to affect 1/3 of america...crazy, huh!

well, it was gorgeous, but extremely windy!

it was fun to get out in the blowing snow for about 10 minutes...but my fingers about froze off very quickly so we went back inside...

and obviously...come rain, come shine, come sleet, come snow....the mail must go through!! good for them!!

and as much as i wanted to get some cute pictures of gemma in the snow...i refrained and made a makeshift snow scene on the couch!!

our sweet little snow bunny