Tuesday, September 28, 2010

pregnant or not...its still my belly

so it has finally happened...the whole stranger thing wanting to touch my pregnant belly... AWWW..freak me out!!

i had a doctor's appointment today and as i was walking into the hospital there was an older guy (i know age is relative) probably in his early 60s sitting in a wheelchair outside the hospital entrance. i was almost to the doors and he jokingly asked me "what happened?" i laughed and said, "o, i swallowed a pumpkin...haha"
i continued to walk towards the door when he held out his hands and said... "come here let me rub your stomach."
i'm thinking...are you kidding me..but i laughed again and said, "that's okay."
he was like, "come on"
"ummm...well, i am going to be late for my doctor's appointment."
"o, come on let me rub your belly."
you freak... "no really, that's okay."

thankfully he was in a wheelchair or i am guessing he wouldn't have asked, but would have just touched my belly anyway.
so here is my question... do people think that once you become pregnant that your belly isn't a part of you anymore. i mean, seriously, its one thing for people i know, like from church, or my family to touch my stomach, but it is a completely different thing for a complete stranger to just want to touch my stomach.

shew...glad i got that off my chest, (or should i say belly).

at least i got a good laugh and blog post out of the deal... any of you have similar stories about strangers touching your stomach. i would love to hear them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Psalm 1

i have been helping out with AWANA this year. all the leaders were challenged to memorize several passages in Psalm. we have our first AWANA leader's meeting tonight so i had to get Psalm 1 memorized.
eric decided it would be easier for me to memorize if he helped me out a little. so, here he is...his masterpiece of talent. isn't he expressive.
and actually it helped i think...as long as i can picture him doing the motions in my head when i say it tonight at the AWANA meeting.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 31

I am officially down to single digits...9 weeks to go!!!!!
Next weekend I can start to tell people that I am due next month!! It is crazy how fast time goes.
Had another doctor's appointment:
Weight- so far I have gained 17 pounds...whoa...eric better be careful, i might catch up to him before this pregnancy is over
We also had another ultrasound and saw our precious girl...she weighs about 3.4 pounds!!! We might have another ultrasound, this time in 2D...my doc wants to make sure everything is okay with the babies bladder. hopefully we will get some good pictures of the baby.
It is crazy how much she moves around. the movements have started to feel a little different then they used to...it used to feel more like kicks, now it is like she is rolling around trying to get more room in my belly.
eric and i have actually narrowed our name choices down to three...pretty good, eh? i still have no idea which one we will choose, but i like the three that we have picked out so far. maybe we should start a poll and see which one is the most popular... hmmmm...not a bad idea, except i am not too sure how to set it up.

Friday, September 24, 2010

the lost is found...what was, is no more

even though this is not the original ring, it is the exact replica (a size smaller, so it won't be flying off my finger into the lake any time soon...and if i ever wear my rings to the lake again, someone just hit me up-side the head.)
you might remember this post from last summer. what a sad, sad day when i lost my beautiful engagement ring.
so yesterday when eric surprised me by getting down on one knee and pulling out a ring box, i couldn't believe it. i just kept saying, 'this had better not be a joke... is this for real?!'
and YES!!! it was...not a joke, i mean.

so...even though the lost really wasn't found, the lost was replaced!!! it is a beautiful, same as my real engagement ring replica, and i couldn't be happier.
okay, so i could be just a little bit happier...

my dear husband called me from work the other day and said calmly, 'ummm, babe, i can't find my wedding ring.' nope, not even kidding. so we are now in the beginning process of trying to find his ring/maybe having to get him a new one. thankfully his is not quite as expensive as mine was. but i had better get it fast, because he already had one lady ask him if he was married so she could bring her niece in for him to meet. good thing he has a tan line where his ring used to be...he can just show them that for now.
so the lost has been found/replaced, and what was, i am sad to say is no more...until i get him another one.

puppy love

jack's new cousin...maverick, the cutest little german shepherd puppy. he is so furry and soft. makes me miss the puppy stage with jack...ok, not really, i am actually soooo glad that he is not that little anymore, but i loved getting to pet maverick. his ears are the cutest things ever.
and then there is poor little lucky, she had to fight to obtain her place with these monstrous dogs... she did pretty well holding her own though.
the guys were nice enough to help us out by holding down the crazy dogs so we could get a couple of pictures.

Monday, September 6, 2010

28 week update

not much new information to share...haven't had a doctors appointment for a while, so i don't have the official weight gain...i might not want to share that anymore anyway =)
*it is a little weird...i feel so huge, but when i take these pictures to show everyone, i don't seem to look as big as i feel, hmmm....
*the sweet girl has been getting hiccups ALOT! at least i think they are hiccups...it is kind of a weird feeling when she gets them.
*so, we are up to 6 names now...i know that by this point we should be narrowing it down instead of adding more...poor eric. he probably would have one definitely, but i always hear new names and most the time i like them...i just want to be sure! at this point once we pick a name, even i will be surprised.
i can't believe that in 11 1/2ish weeks we will have our sweet little girl!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

10 reasons one might find us sleeping in our car

reason #1- my creative gamer husband is working on a new game

reason #2- my stick-to-it husband has been waiting forever for everything he needs to make his own playing cards and everything has finally arrived

reason#3- because 2AM seems like the perfect time to print out a new card game on brand-spankin' new plain cards

reason#4- because card sealer spray says to spray in an open area and the computer room with a door to the outside seems like an open enough area

reason#5- our house, or rather one bedroom trailer, is quite compact and the toxic sealer fumes can reach every part

reason#6- because my sweet husband, who feels terrible by the way, insists that staying in the trailer with all these toxic fumes is definitely not ideal for baby or myself

reason#7- because, although we can both hold our breath for a little while, the idea of trying to hold our breath all evening or keep sticking our head out the bedroom door just isn't too appealing

reason#8- because at 2AM, who has the alertness or the energy to try and call someone or just drive to a family members house nearby

reason#9- its a nice evening anyway, and what's the harm in sleeping in the car

reason#10- because we didn't have a date night this week anyway and this seemed as good of time as any to get away from our house for the night, even if it was just in the driveway