Monday, August 15, 2011

7 reasons why

why i like mowing the lawn:

*instant gratification... if you wait long enough to cut the grass, it is so long, that the second you swipe over it with the mower it looks 10x's better

*get a nice tan...just slip on a tanktop (not a t-shirt) unless you want a funny tan line

*it is completely mindless work

*the cut grass lasts longer than 5 minutes...unlike housework, dishes, and laundry, the lawn will at least stay short for a couple of days, maybe even a week

*i feel like i get a workout without working out...just pulling on the cord to start the push mower is like lifting 20 pound weights 10 or 20 times (depending on how long it takes me to start it)

*i like to do things for my husband...this usually surprises him and is one less thing he has to do

*it inspires me to do other things around the outside of the house, as far as gardening, to make it look nice

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