Tuesday, August 9, 2011

guess that attitude?

eric has been teaching a sunday school class for the last few months

right now he is focusing on Jesus' attitudes. each week he highlights a different attitude that the kids should work on. attitudes like... respect, pride, selfishness, etc...

each week he records a video of himself portraying the bad attitude and then the way he should have handled the situation.

the series is called... 'little boy eric'

he got quite creative with his video for next week...

can you guess the attitude they will be discussing next week??

starring: my hilarious husband (who also did all the editing)

( i am the recorder and the mystery 'mom' voice...which by the way we did eat those leftovers that night right before our recording session)


The Haskell Family said...

Oh my soul! that is too funny!

Ann K. said...

LOVE the music!! LOL!